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Dexter: Season 3

Dexter: Season 3

By Patrick Samuel • July 31st, 2010
Static Mass Rating: 3/5

Release Date: August 16th 2010
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 10 hours and 4 minutes

Cast: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Jimmy Smits, C.S. Lee, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar

Based on the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay and starring Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under) in the title role, the show follows a Miami blood spatter-pattern analyst who works for the Miami Metro Police Department. Charming, efficient and well liked by his peers, if not a little aloof and somewhat quiet. But Dexter has a secret, a double life. He’s a serial killer! Actually, he’s a serial killer serial killer, meaning he only turns his attention toward those who escaped the law. So in a way, he’s actually a good guy, but doing bad things. Or is that a bad guy doing good things?

Consisting of 12 episodes, the third season of the show gets off to a muderous start with Dexter’s life becoming a little bit more complicated than he’d like. In the first two episodes he kills an unintended victim who turns out to be District Attorney Miguel Prado’s (Jimmy Smits) brother, an innocent man. His intended victim, a drug dealer and killer by the name of “Freebo” escapes and goes into hiding. Then he has to deal with an investigation into a murder he committed. Dexter tries to track down Freebo before his law enforcement colleges do, including his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter). When he finds out his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) is pregnant, he knows time is running out for his murdering antics, especially with DA Miguel Prado poking around.


01. Our Father
02. Finding Freebo
03. The Lion sleeps Tonight
04. All In The Family
05. Turning Biminese
06. Si se puede
07. Easy as Pie
08. The Damage a Man Can Do
09. About Last Night
10. Go Your Own Way
11. I Had a Dream
12. Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

As Dexter contemplates the idea of fatherhood, he tries to imagine balancing family life with his need to kill. But with Rita making plans for a bigger house and talking of marriage, he retreats into his work. His killing work, unfortunately Miguel discovers his secret! Dexter is apprehensive about someone knowing what he does, however, the District Attorney confesses that they are both alike and that he stands by him. This leads to an unlikely alliance between them as they unleash their brand of vigilante justice on Miami.

Things change though when Dexter finds out Miguel has been killing on his own. The murder of a defence attorney raises questions for Dexter’s boss, of Lt. LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) and she begins to suspect Miguel’s involvement. Dexter knows he needs to find a way to get rid of his new best friend, but with such a high profile person as a District Attorney, will he get away with it? Oh, and did I forget to mention another serial killer might be targeting Dexter? Well, there’s a serial killer who might be targeting Dexter.

Season 3 takes Dexter’s life a bit further. He’s not the loner who keeps to himself, but is developing into a person with strong work and family ties. He also finds (for a short time) a friend, but he knows he has to keep the friendship swinging in his favour rather than on equal ground.


• Victims Match
• Inside the Writers Room
• Bringing Miami to LA
• Miami’s Finest
• Photo Gallery
• Cast Interviews

As Dexter’s life evolves, so to do the lives of those around him. Rita loses her job, but soon finds employment with Miguel’s wife Syvlvia, whom she strikes up a warm friendship with. Lt. LaGuerta grows close again to her old flame Miguel but soon begins to suspect he is not the man she once knew. Debra falls for a colleague, while trying to keep another one at bay. Angel too finds companionship while out cruising for hookers. Even Vince, who tries to gain the respect of his colleagues by dropping the off-colour humour, begins to turn over a new leaf.

Overall, it’s a well packed season which balances action and suspense with plot and character development really well. It’s also really nice to see Debra get her moments to shine as well as she’s so often her own worst enemy, suffering from foot-in-mouth syndrome. As the seasons progress we know eventually it will lead to heartbreak for Rita and a showdown between brother and sister when Dexter’s secret life is revealed to all. But for now, we can be happy that he is experiencing something of a normal family life until that happens.

Patrick Samuel

Patrick Samuel

The founder of Static Mass Emporium and one of its Editors in Chief is an emerging artist with a philosophy degree, working primarily with pastels and graphite pencils, but he also enjoys experimenting with water colours, acrylics, glass and oil paints.

Being on the autistic spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome, he is stimulated by bold, contrasting colours, intricate details, multiple textures, and varying shades of light and dark. Patrick's work extends to sound and video, and when not drawing or painting, he can be found working on projects he shares online with his followers.

Patrick returned to drawing and painting after a prolonged break in December 2016 as part of his daily art therapy, and is now making the transition to being a full-time artist. As a spokesperson for autism awareness, he also gives talks and presentations on the benefits of creative therapy.

Static Mass is where he lives his passion for film and writing about it. A fan of film classics, documentaries and science fiction, Patrick prefers films with an impeccable way of storytelling that reflect on the human condition.

Patrick Samuel ¦ Asperger Artist

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