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Burn Notice, Season 4

Burn Notice, Season 4

By Patrick Samuel • July 25th, 2013
Static Mass Rating: 3/5
20th Century Fox Home Ent.

Release date: December 26th, 2011
Running time: 759 minutes

Creator: Matt Nix

Cast: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Garret Dillahunt, Robert Patrick, Tim Matheson

Burn Notice, Season 4

Betrayal. It’s an ugly word, isn’t it? Whether you’ve been betrayed by a friend, lover, family member, colleague or boss, the feelings of resentment and hurt can remain for quite a while. Maybe that’s just life. Some who have experienced betrayal can go on to face even darker emotions, plotting a cold revenge against the traitor (or traitors), but sometimes, despite knowing what it’s like to have been betrayed, we can go on to do the exact same thing to someone else.

Such is the case with former spy now turned private investigator, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan). Having been “burned” by the CIA some years previously, leaving him cut off from the United States intelligence community, his assets frozen, line of credit destroyed, and with no career history with which to seek suitable employment, Michael’s only option was to remain in Miami (where he was left) and start from scratch as he tried to find answers. So you’d think this isn’t something he’d like to do someone else…

Season 4 provides us with that exact scenario as he meets his new handler, Vaughn (Robert Wisdom) who needs his help in tracking down a terrorist. Michael agrees, but on the condition that Vaughn doesn’t interfere or question his methods. Once they get started though, Michael is faced with burning another spy, a counter-intelligence agent named Jesse Porter (Coby Bell). Without seeing any other way, he goes ahead with it and the agent is issued with a burn notice. For several episodes Jesse remains unaware of who burned him, despite going to Michael for help. Michael, along with Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Fi (Gabrielle Anwar), try to get him back into the intelligence community, but he soon learns Jesse plans on killing whoever burned him.

Burn Notice, Season 4

That’s not the only thing he has to worry about. The terrorist he’s supposed to be tracking, Simon (Garret Dillahunt), gives him some troubling news – the identity of the man who burned him! He also sets him on the trail of a powerful international telecommunications businessman, John Barrett (Robert Patrick), who plans on getting his hands on a document that could reveal the names of his agencies operatives. If the document lands in the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for national security.


  • Friends and Enemies
  • Fast Friends
  • Made Man
  • Breach of Faith
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Entry Point
  • Past and Future Tense
  • Where There’s Smoke
  • Centre of the Storm
  • Hard Time
  • Blind Spot
  • Guilty As Charged
  • Eyes Open
  • Hot Property
  • Brotherly Love
  • Dead Or Alive
  • Out of the Fire
  • Last Stand

Leading to a climax that sees Michael up against his old nemesis Tyler Brennen (Jay Karnes) who’s trying to get the list, Season 4 of Burn Notice contains quite some plot devices that also involves yet another villain who comes in at the 11th hour. Larry Sizemore (Tim Matheson) is hired by Brennan to keep on Michael who’s been blackmailed to do his bidding, but Larry has own plans.

However, after 3 seasons we can always be sure that Michael and his friends will be a few steps ahead of the game and manage to save the day, even if the day ends with them being back at square one. With some great guest appearances and action scenes, the show manages remain interesting but at times I did feel like it was running out of fresh ideas to keep Michael on his toes. There were moments when the twist and turns in the episodes felt like it was delaying the inevitable outcome.

With the show now its 7th and final season, I’m sure they’ve found a way to keep Burn Notice fresh, exciting and to point, some of the things I found were lacking here, yet didn’t feel completely betrayed by.

Burn Notice, Season 4

Patrick Samuel

Patrick Samuel

The founder of Static Mass Emporium and one of its Editors in Chief is an emerging artist with a philosophy degree, working primarily with pastels and graphite pencils, but he also enjoys experimenting with water colours, acrylics, glass and oil paints.

Being on the autistic spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome, he is stimulated by bold, contrasting colours, intricate details, multiple textures, and varying shades of light and dark. Patrick's work extends to sound and video, and when not drawing or painting, he can be found working on projects he shares online with his followers.

Patrick returned to drawing and painting after a prolonged break in December 2016 as part of his daily art therapy, and is now making the transition to being a full-time artist. As a spokesperson for autism awareness, he also gives talks and presentations on the benefits of creative therapy.

Static Mass is where he lives his passion for film and writing about it. A fan of film classics, documentaries and science fiction, Patrick prefers films with an impeccable way of storytelling that reflect on the human condition.

Patrick Samuel ¦ Asperger Artist

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