Mr Bean Birthday Edition (2010) Review

Mr Bean Birthday Edition (2010) Review

If you’re prone to tripping over, wandering around lost, missing flights or spend an awful amount of time tangled up in the most ridiculous of scenarios, then you’ve no doubt at one time or another been referred to as a “Bean”. I know I have!

This year marks Mr Bean’s 20th birthday. Yes, it’s been 20 years since he first bungled his way onto our TV screens. The first episode was broadcast on January 1st 1990 and saw him fumbling his way through a Maths exam without realising that there are 2 papers to get through. I remember it was one of the few occasions my entire family sat down together over the Christmas period and did not annoy each other for the next half hour! A rare treat in my family for sure.

Br Bean Birthday Edition (2010)

As the series developed we got see more of Mr Bean and Teddy’s exploits. From meeting the Queen and going to a disco with his girlfriend to having a picnic in the park. All 14 episodes made Bean a welcomed fixture in our household and it wasn’t long before had them all on VHS. As a home collection they were great for whipping out during the holidays along with Only Fools & Horses, Steptoe & Son and ‘Allo ‘Allo!

To celebrate Mr Bean’s birthday, Universal will release a new Special Edition Birthday DVD on September 6th 2010. All of the classic episodes have been remastered as well and are now available in 16:9 as opposed the 4:3 in which they were originally broadcast. In saying that though, it doesn’t seem to have improved the picture quality at all and the frame just looks stretched to fit the aspect ratio. Still, it’s great to have them in this new set. As if that’s not enough, the two Mr Bean feature films Mr Bean Ultimate Disaster Movie (1997) and the hugely enjoyable Mr Bean’s Holiday (2007), plus the animated television series will also be available as box sets.

Bean’s innocent but yet mischievous nature make him a curious but yet utterly watchable character. A mixture of Charlie Chaplin silent humour with a bit of Dennis the Menace makes a dangerous combination to any passer by as you never really know what might happen. With 2007’s Mr Bean’s Holiday marking the last time Rowan Atkinson played the character, hopefully, this re-release will bring on a whole new generation of fans, enough to spark in interest in creating a few more episodes.

Static Mass Rating: ★★★★★

Mr Bean is released on DVD from September 6th 2010 by Universal.

Mr Bean Birthday Edition
Mr Bean Ultimate Disaster Movie
Mr Bean’s Holiday
Mr Bean Movie Box Set

Mr Bean Live TV Series 1 Remastered
Mr Bean Live TV Series 2 Remastered
Mr Bean Live TV Series 3 Remastered
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Mr Bean Live TV Series Box Set Remastered

Mr Bean Animated Volume 1
Mr Bean Animated Volume 2
Mr Bean Animated Volume 3
Mr Bean Animated Volume 4
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Mr Bean Animated Box set

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