Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two

Static Mass Rating: 5/5
Warner Home Video

Release date: March 26th, 2012
Certificate (UK): U
Running time: 99 minutes

Writer and director: George Miller

Cast: Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, P!nk, Ava Acres, Sofía Vergara, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Hugo Weaving, Hank Azaria

Before I saw the first Happy Feet movie I thought penguins were boring but two penguins helped change my mind; one could sing gloriously and the other could dance like I never saw before.

At the end of the movie I wanted there to be more, to know what was going to happen next. I was jumping up and down when I heard there was a Happy Feet Two.

Happy Feet Two

Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) and Gloria are both back and they are parents now. Erik (Elizabeth Daily) their son, can sing like Gloria but cannot dance like Mumble yet. Eric is not well known, he’s kind of shy and when he tries to dance he falls and everyone laughs at him. He leaves with his friends and meets The Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria), a penguin who can fly. Sven tells him where he comes from there are a lot of warriors called Erik. The little penguin, seeing Sven can fly, also wants to fly and believes this is his destiny. Sven then tells him “If you will it, it will be yours”.

Back where the penguins live, the ice is breaking up and moving. A large piece traps thousands of penguins leaving them without any hope of freedom or food. While Erik believes Sven will rescue the thousands of penguins, including his mom and other friends, it’s Mumble who finds a way to help them.

Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two was one of the best movies I’ve seen yet. It told me so much about penguins and what happens in Antarctica. Ice is melting and breaking into pieces, penguins are losing their homes and sources of food like fish are disappearing and without food they die. One of the saddest parts in the movie was when Erik and Mumble were trying to convince Bryan (Richard Carter) and the elephant seals to help rescue the trapped penguins. Bryan says he has other stuff to deal with like fighting another elephant seals but he changes his mind when Erik sings to them.

Happy Feet Two

There was another sad part. Will (Brad Pitt) and his friend, Bill, (Matt Damon) are both krill who left their swarm to explore the ocean, but along the way they stop and argue. Will leaves Bill to move up the food chain and to keep on exploring. With his friend all alone in the ocean, it was just very sad.

But it’s not all sad parts. There are some funny parts too like when the amigos turn up and when Erik is with his friends. The songs didn’t mean anything to me because that’s not what I watch movies for, I’m an action kid and there’s more action in Happy Feet Two than I expected.


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  • 3 Sing-A-Longs
  • Running With Boadicea
  • Pink’s New Song
  • The Amazing Voices of Happy Feet 2
  • I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat
  • Happy Feet 2 Movie App
  • Helping Penguins & Pals

Kids like me will enjoy seeing Sven trying to teach the penguins to fly, failing and falling. Flat. From my opinion everyone should learn about Antarctica and Happy Feet Two makes it a fun and interesting way to do that. I hope there will be a Happy Feet Three!

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